Kendra – A Bird’s Eye View

Understanding Kendra in brief. What it is and how it works.

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  1. Sthanik Karyakarta ( Local Workers) - This is the biggest work force. The local people who are associated with Kendra work take different responsibilities at Vistar, Nagar, Vibhag or Prant levels. They offer their valuable time for this noble cause managing their households and businesses.
  2. Nivasi Karyakarta - These are mainly student folks who stay at Kendra Karyalaya (office) and complete their studies. They also give their time for Kendra work.
  3. Vanaprasthi Karyakarta - This category of Whole time workers contains those who are "Retired but not tired". Many senior citizens offer their services in this scheme. Kendra gets benefit of their experience and skills mainly in administering number of projects.
  4. Seva Vrati - Whole time Karyakarta who offer limited period (eg. 2 or 3 years) of their life for this noble cause. After initial training they are sent to field.
  5. Jeevan Vrati ( Life Workers) - Whole time Karyakarta who joins Vivekananda Kendra after completing graduation and offers entire life to serve nation through Kendra. After 2 years of Field service a 4 months extensive training is given to these Shiksharthi Karyakartas (Trainee Life workers), after training again they are sent to field for 3 years. After completing 5 years Diksha is given and the karyakarta becomes Life Worker - Jeevan Vrati.