Kendra Prarthana


जय जय परमात्मन् संस्मरामो वयं त्वां
निजपरमहितार्थं कर्मयोगैकनिष्ठा: ।
इह जगति सदा नस्त्यागसेवाऽऽत्मबोधै:
भवतु विहतविघ्ना ध्येयमार्गानुयात्रा ॥१॥
वयं सुपुत्रा अमृतस्य नूनं
तवैव कार्यार्थमिहोपजाता: ।
विभो! तवाराधनमस्मदीयम् ॥२॥
प्रभो! देहि देहे बलं धैर्यमन्त:
सदाचारमादर्शभूतं विचारम् ।
यदस्माभिरङ्गीकृतं पुण्यकार्यं
तवैवाशिषा पूर्णतां तत्प्रयातु ॥३॥
जीवने यावदादानं स्यात् प्रदानं ततोऽधिकम् ।
इत्येषा प्रार्थनाऽस्माकं भगवन् परिपूर्यताम् ॥४॥
ॐ शान्ति: शान्ति: शान्ति: ॥


Oh! Ishvara! Victory to You! We remember you and invoke you! In our lives, for the sake of our highest good we have chosen Karma Yoga as the only firm path. In this world, let the obstacles in our Pilgrimage to our destination be removed always by our Renunciation, Service and Self – Knowledge.

We are verily the children of Immortality. We are born here to carry out your work only. Service rendered to the suffering and the fallen with wisdom and understanding untainted by desire becomes our worship to you O Ishvara!

Ishvara! Give us strength in our body and courage in our hearth. Let our conduct and thought be ideal and let it be as per the ideal we have chosen, the sacred task which we have solemnly undertaken, Let Your Blessings alone take it to fulfilment.

Whatever we receive in Life, let us give far more than that. This is our prayer O Bhagavan! Please fulfil it.