Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari conducts several activities which cater to all categories of people to elevate their character and spirit. Following is a comprehensive list of what we do:

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let’s try to understand all activities in brief.

Karyapaddhati: A systematic and regular year-round approach to instill good character in children, physical and spiritual power in youths and a guiding edge in elderly. Read more
Utsav: To remember our ancient culture and sanskriti, we celebrate 6 Festivals or Utsavs. It keeps us reminding all year-round our goals and ideals.
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Camps: Dedicated training programs for children and youths to build their character and spirit in a cohesive enviornment.
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Publications: Vivekanand Kendra has publication of 400 title of books in 12 different languages. It also publishes 9 language periodicals with 9 publication units across country.
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Workshop: Training sessions organized for specified purposes keeping in mind of local needs. Know more